Autonomous Space Robotics Lab


The following code releases are available under a BSD license.
Feel free to use them and cite them where possible.

Informed RRT* & Batch Informed Trees (BIT*)

Informed RRT* and BIT* have both contributed to OMPL and will appear in all future binary releases. They are available immediately from the official repository. If you find either of these algorithms useful, or have any other comments or questions, please take the time to contact us and let us know.

At various times, you may also be able to find new extensions to these algorithms on the ASRL GitHub repository.

SE(3) Matlab Tools

A set of Matlab tools for manipulating uncertainties associated with pose and point variables in 3D space. These scripts go along with the below paper:

Barfoot T D and Furgale P T,"Associating Uncertainty with Three-Dimensional Poses for use in Estimation Problems". IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 2014. doi:10.1109/TRO.2014.2298059. (pdf)

(click to download code)

Speeded Up Speeded Up Robust Features

A GPU implementation of the SURF algorithm