Autonomous Space Robotics Lab

Speeded Up SURF


Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
asrl::CudaSynchronizedMemory< T >Class that handles synchronization of memory between the host and device
asrl::GpuIntegralImageThe integral image on the device
asrl::GpuIntegralImageProcessorA class that reserves memory on the GPU for creating integral images
asrl::GpuSurfConfigurationA structure representing the GPU surf configuration
asrl::GpuSurfDetectorThe exported class representing the GPU surf detector
asrl::GpuSurfDetectorInternalThe private implementation of the GPU surf detector
asrl::GpuSurfFeaturesMemory required for SURF features on the GPU
asrl::GpuSurfOctaveA class that reserves memory on the GPU for processing the interest point operator
asrl::KeypointA keypoint class used on the GPU
asrl::SurfOctaveParametersA structure which holds the constant parameters that describe an octave layout

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