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File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
assert_macros.hpp [code]Handy assert macros that throw exceptions when something goes awry
build-linux.h [code]
build-osx.h [code]
build-windows.h [code]
CudaSynchronizedMemory.hpp [code]A class that simplifies allocation/deallocation and synchronization of a buffer allocated on the host and on the device [code]
descriptors.h [code]Functions to calculate the descriptors
detector.cpp [code]
detector.h [code]A collected function that runs the GPUSURF detector [code]
fasthessian.h [code]Functions to calculate the fasthessian interest point operator on the GPU
fasthessian_tests.hpp [code]
gpu_area.cpp [code]C++ functions wrapping gpu area calls and integral image functionality [code]
gpu_area.h [code]Functions to calculate areas in GPU box filters
gpu_area_tests.hpp [code]
gpu_globals.cpp [code]Functions for dealing with the constant memory used by gpusurf [code]
gpu_globals.h [code]Global configuration variables and structure definitions
gpu_utils.h [code]Helper inline functions for kernels
GpuIntegralImage.cpp [code]
GpuIntegralImage.hpp [code]A simple class that holds an integral image. The underlying storage is a cudaArray which may be converted to a texture. The underlying storage is float
GpuIntegralImage_kernel.cpp [code] [code]
GpuIntegralImage_kernel.h [code]
GpuIntegralImageProcessor.cpp [code]
GpuIntegralImageProcessor.hpp [code] [code]The collected cu file containing all cuda code for GPU SURF
gpusurf_engine.cpp [code]A command line utility and example usage of the GPUSURF library
gpusurf_tests.cpp [code]
GpuSurfDetector.cpp [code]
GpuSurfDetector.hpp [code]A class that wraps the GPU SURF algorithm The private implementation idiom is used so that consumers of the class do not need all of the CUDA headers
GpuSurfDetectorInternal.cpp [code]
GpuSurfDetectorInternal.hpp [code]The private implementation of the GPU SURF detector
GpuSurfFeatures.cpp [code]
GpuSurfFeatures.hpp [code]The memory required for SURF features on the GPU
GpuSurfOctave.cpp [code]
GpuSurfOctave.hpp [code]A class representing a single octave used in the GPU SURF algorithm [code]
keypoint_interpolation.h [code]Keypoint interpolation functions
mainpage.h [code] [code]
non_max_suppression.h [code]Nonmax suppression functions
non_max_suppression_tests.hpp [code] [code]
orientation.h [code]Functions for calculating the orientation of a keypoint
release-notes.h [code]
surf_tests.hpp [code]

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