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Welcome to the Autonomous Space Robotics Lab at the
University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies.
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Tim Barfoot, Associate Professor


Francois Pomerleau (starting July 2014)

PhD Students

Sean Anderson
Peter Berczi (w/ Mike Daly)
Jonathan Gammell
Rehman Merali
Chris Ostafew (w/ Angela Schoellig)
Mike Paton

MASc Students

Erik Beerepoot
Tyler Daoust
Sara Farboud (w/ Raymond Kwong)
Kirk MacTavish
Patrick McGarey


Takeshi Ohki, Postdoc 2014
Braden Stenning, PhD 2013 (pdf)
Chi Hay Tong, PhD 2013 (pdf) - currently postdocing at Oxford in the Mobile Robotics Group
Keith Leung (w/ Hugh Liu), PhD 2012 (pdf) - currently postdocing at the Universidad de Chile in Santiago
Paul Furgale, PhD 2011 (pdf) - currently Deputy Director at ETH Zurich in the Autonomous Systems Lab
Hang Dong, MASc 2013 (pdf) - currently working at Qualcomm in San Diego
Anjani Kulani (w/ Bruce Francis), MASc 2013 (pdf)
Andrew Lambert, MASc 2011 (pdf) - currently working at Applanix in Toronto
Colin McManus, MASc 2011 (pdf) - currently a PhD student at Oxford in the Mobile Robotics Group
Goran Basic, MASc 2010 (pdf) - currently working at Basic Robotics in Toronto
Pat Carle, MASc 2009 (pdf) - currently a PhD student at Queen's University
Hien Goi (w/ Bruce Francis), MASc 2009 (pdf) - currently working at Qualcomm in San Diego